Wired’s Cutthroat Capitalism

So I’m always looking for good examples of procedural rhetoric – Ian Bogost’s theory that a well-designed videogame can inform and teach us about all manner of real life systems. I found an excellent one on Wired this morning called Cutthroat Capitalism, which is “an economic analysis of the Somali pirate business model.” My only problem with the game is that it’s not complicated enough: as the accompanying article shows, the system that’s developed between the pirates, shippers, insurance companies, negotiators, and national navies is truly fascinating in its fucked-up complexity. (Like did you know that the negotiators, who tend to be ex-military types who work for private security companies, are leaving jobs in Iraq because these Somali negotiation jobs are so lucrative?) But the game led me to the article, so it may have done its job anyway.

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