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Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition, 2010

Washington State University

Emphases: Digital Game Studies, Digital Rhetorics, Computers and Writing

Committee: Victor Villanueva (chair), Patricia Freitag Ericsson, Jason Farman

Dissertation: Why the Humans Are White: Fantasy, Modernity, and the Rhetorics of Racism in World of Warcraft

M.A., Literature, 2004

University of Idaho

Emphasis: 20th Century American Literature

Thesis: Annular Fiction: Recursion in the Works of David Foster Wallace

B.A., English, 2002

University of Idaho

Emphasis: Literature

Teaching Experience

Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-present

Lecturer, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Tech Comm For Majors

Instructor, College of Computing Barcelona Summer Program

Technical Communication: Theory and Practice

Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Technical Communication: Theory and Practice

Designing for the Internet

Instructor, GT Language Institute

Personal Statements & Impromptu Writing

Better Writing

College of Western Idaho, 2010

Instructor, Department of English

First-Year Composition

Washington State University, 2006-2010

Instructor, Department of English

Introduction to Videogame Studies

Multimedia Authoring

Technical and Professional Communication

First-Year Composition

Writing Tutorial

World Civilizations (grader)

Boise State University, 2004-2006

Instructor, Department of English

First-Year Composition

Survey of American Literature, 1865-Present

University of Idaho, 2002-2004

Instructor, Department of English

First-Year Composition

Honors Literature of Western Civilization (assistant)

Instructor, Upward Bound



Study Skills


“From Realism to Reality: Making Games in a Client-Based Technical Communication Course.” Computer Games and Technical Communication. Co-authored with Sameer Ansari, Scott Daner, Sean Murray, and Ryan Reeves. Ed. Jennifer deWinter, Ryan Moeller. Forthcoming in 2013.

“From the Ground Up: Shaping Community, Collaboration, and Multiliteracies at Georgia Institute of Technology.” Co-authored with Rebecca Burnett, Brandy Ball Blake, Andy Frazee, Karen Head, Diane Jakacki, Nirmal Trivedi, and Christopher Weedman. Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies. Ed. Danielle Devoss. Forthcoming.

“No Success Like Failure: An open letter to my Service-Learning Students.” Notes on Teaching English 1.1. Oct 2012.

“A Letter to Students and Clients – Drawing Lessons from Failure in a Service Learning Classroom.” Community Engagement at GGC. 16 Jun 2012. TECHStyle. 1 Aug 2012.


Conference Presentations

Rhetoric and Composition

“Working in the Metaverse and the Academy: Composing a Game Studies Dissertation Online.” 4Cs, San Francisco, March 2009.

“Reading and Writing Virtual Realities: Computer Games and Writing Instruction.” 4Cs, New Orleans, April 2008.

“Real Indians Don’t Rap: Hip-Hop, Tradition, and Other Discursive Influences on the Reservation.” Co-presented with Barbara Monroe. 4Cs, New York, March 2007.

Game Studies

“Race and Gender in Citadel Space.” THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) Pacific Northwest, Pullman, WA, October, 2009.

“What Does it Mean to Write, ‘I be a Troll, Mon’?: Towards a Method for Reading Player Discourse in Online Games.” Oregon Conference on Rhetoric and Composition, La Grande, OR, October 2007.

“Walk Like an Orc, Talk Like an Orc?: Racial Representation and Behavior in World of Warcraft.” Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference, Portland, OR, April 2007.


“Tomorrow is Today: Fantastic Technology as Socio-Political Criticism in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.” The Uses of the Science Fiction Genre: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada, October 2005.

“Inviting Re-Conquest: The Culpability of the Colonized in One Hundred Years of Solitude.” 4th International Conference of Studies in Cultural Meaning, Chantilly, France, October 2003.

Invited Presentations

“Moving from Realism to Reality: Using Client-Based Pedagogy to Teach Technical Communication.” Co-presented with Andy Frazee. Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Engaging Conversations Series, Georgia Institute of Technology, February 2013.

“How WOVEN Works in a Tech Comm Class.” Brittain Fellow Orientation, Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2012.

“Beyond Renegade/Paragon: Multimodal, Multivalent Rhetorics and the Future of Videogames.” Co-presented with Shawn LameBull.  English department colloquium, Washington State University, February 2010.

“The Misadventures of Renegade Paragons: or how to write a collaborative article on Mass Effect.” Department of American Studies colloquium, Washington State University, November 2009.

“New Directions in Digital Humanities Scholarship.” Department of English colloquium, Washington State University, March 2009.



“How to use Prezi for Teaching.” Media and Technologies Committee Workshop Series. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. 7 March 2013.

“How to Install and Setup a Wiki for Teaching.” Co-presented with Diane Jakacki and Robin Wharton. Brittain Fellow Bootcamp Series. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. 15 November 2011.

“Making Presentations with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Prezi.” Co-presented with Andrew Famiglietti and Diane Jakacki. Brittain Fellow Bootcamp Series. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. 16 April 2010.

“Evaluating Student Papers,” Writing Center Workshop, University of Idaho, September 2003.

“Teaching Revision,” TA Orientation Workshop, University of Idaho, August 2003.

Guest Lectures

“Militarism, Nationalism, and Racism in Videogames.” Guest lecture, DTC 475: Digital Diversity, Washington State University, November 2009.

“How Identity is Constructed in World of Warcraft.” Guest lecture, English 595: Electronic Literature, Gaming, and Cyberculture, Washington State University, November 2009.

“Teaching Technical and Professional Writing.” Guest lecture, English 534: Theories and Methods of the Teaching of Technical and Professional Writing, Washington State University, October 2009.

“Teaching with Videogames.” Guest lecture, English 323: Approaches to Teaching English, Washington State University, December 2008.

“Racism in World of Warcraft.” Guest lecture, English 301: Writing and Rhetorical Conventions, Washington State University, April 2008.


“Chris Ritter: Gamifying Tech Comm.” Game On Girl 33, 18 Oct. 2012.

Guest speaker, 8-Bit Electro. KZUU, Pullman, WA, September 2009.

Professional Service

Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-present

Chair, Technical Communication Committee, 2011-present

Wrote chapter on multiliteracies for WOVENText e-book.

Revised promotional materials for Technical Communication minor.

Publicized Technical Communication minor with Georgia Tech Academic Advisors Network and Office of New Student and Sophomore Programs.

Planned and facilitated workshops for Technical Communication instructors.

Revised programmatic outcomes for Technical Communication courses.

Managed Tech Comm blogs on TECHStyle.

Brittain Fellow Mentor, 2010-present

Advised first-year Brittain Fellows on teaching, research, service, and other professional issues.

Instructional Designer, Composition 2.0 MOOC, 2013

Designed instructional content for visual literacies unit.

Member, Technical Communication Committee, 2010-2011

Revised programmatic outcomes and promotional materials for Technical Communication minor.

Member, DevLab Committee, 2010-2012

Presented technological tools for pedagogy in Brittain Fellow Bootcamp Series.

Washington State University, 2006-2010

Webmaster, English Graduate Organization, 2009-2010

Maintained EGO’s resource website

President, English Graduate Organization, 2008-2009

Created and administered a resource website for EGO members

Established EGO as a Registered Student Organization

Conducted monthly meetings

Coordinated department colloquia

Conducted the annual department picnic

TA Training Coordinator, English Graduate Organization, 2007-2008

Conducted bimonthly meetings for the professional development of freshman composition TAs and Instructors

Placement Exam Reader, 2006-2009

Evaluated writing exams of incoming freshmen, determining their placement in first-year composition courses 2006-presentBoise State University Adjunct Mentor

Boise State University, 2004-2006

Adjunct Mentor, 2005-2006

Conducted monthly meetings with new adjuncts to share experiences and discuss pedagogy

Observed and counseled new adjuncts on their instruction

Created and maintained a Blackboard website for all English Department adjuncts

Adjunct Rep, Task Force on the Future of the English Department, 2005-2006

Compared the structure and focus of BSU’s English Department to those of similar universities

Provided recommendations to the committee chair regarding adjuncts instructors’ current and future roles in the department

University of Idaho, 1998-2004

Staff Reader, Fugue Literary Journal, 2002-2004

Read and evaluated manuscripts

Copy-edited manuscripts for publication

Writing Center Tutor, 2001-2002

Collaborated with undergraduate and graduate students to improve the content and structure of their writing

Technical Writer, Center for Secure and Dependable Systems, 2002

Edited theses and articles of graduate and professional researchers studying evolutionary security programs on distributed systems

Led a team of five technical writers to assemble reports, presentations, and brochures for present and future granting agencies

Honors and Fellowships

Thank a Teacher Award, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012.

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-2013.

TA Distinguished Teaching Award, Washington State University, 2009.

Edward Meyer Liberal Arts Scholarship, University of Idaho, 2006.


Dr. Rebecca Burnett


Director of Writing and Communication Program
School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Georgia Institute of Technology

686 Cherry St.

Atlanta, GA, 30332-0165


Dr. Victor Villanueva

Regents Professor

Department of English

Washington State University

P.O. Box 5020

Pullman WA 99164-5020


Dr. Andy Frazee

Assistant Director of Writing and Communication Program
School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Georgia Institute of Technology

686 Cherry St.

Atlanta, GA, 30332-0165



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