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Site, life REALLY updated

Hello, world! I’m currently in the middle of a personal Great Convergence – all of the ideas, practices, and people I love are, I’m realizing, connected to me in more profound ways than I ever realized; and I’m suddenly completely unafraid of telling them (and anyone else who cares to listen) exactly what I’m thinking and feeling. Which there’s a lot of.

As you can see, my web portfolio has also evolved. is now, a domain name that hits closer to home for my life and goals. Its design is in Beta right now: I’ve got a great idea for a new splash page that will act as a central hub for all the site’s content, and I just need to teach myself how to make it in Javascript (which my savvy Georgia Tech students tell me is the hippest, most trends-and-standards-compliant way to make what I want to make). So look for that soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my site’s revisions – on what works and doesn’t work for a reader.

And more to read there shall be. Soon. But as I bustle away on a new book, two articles, and several blogs, you can go to and listen to me gush in a podcast with my grad school friend Regina McMenomy about how my work has coalesced and progressed in the last couple of years, as 1) I’ve had time to digest the staggering amount of great stuff I read in grad school; 2) I’ve reinvented and reignited my teaching by turning to Service Learning, 3) I’ve begun a new business with some colleagues – Lightsome Communications Consortium – which is aimed at improving the communications performance of socially responsible organizations; and 4) I’ve met the love of my life.