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Having never really blogged before,  I suspect that a bold declaration of this blog’s raison d’ etre at the top of it might be presumptuous and foolish, not unlike a dissertation prospectus.


Sitting in a room of my own under a self-/diss. director-imposed mandate to Write Every Day, I find myself producing all these freewritey things that would, I think, work well as blogs. They’re my early thoughts on stuff that may make it into my diss, and thus, I welcome anyone’s responses to them. Help me hone my thoughts!  Earn a spot on my Acknowledgments page! Or just watch me ramble and cast about.

Since I’ve been spending just as much time tweaking this website over the last few weeks as I have writing, I have a big backlog of potential blogs sitting in my notebook, just waiting to be  posted once there was a place for them. So it may seem like I’m extra prolific for a little while. This probably won’t last.

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  1. Biz says:

    Good luck on the writing-every-day goal. I myself have a handful of journals that have the first few pages started. Its a big journey, but I do believe some of your best material comes from the day-to-day BS you think about. Writing it out is the record. Blog on brotha, blog on.

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