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Where there’s power, there’s resistance

A former student sent me a link to a game called Ginormo Sword: Phat Lewtz, which offers “a great meta-commentary on the whole MMO scene and the shallow and one-dimensional gameplay behind it.” The description of the game is worth reading alone. It seems that WoW has given rise to Anti-WoW.

Or Anti-WoWs, rather: my favorite thing about Overlord is that it’s taking a big jab at the fantasy genre by making its traditional heroes the villains. I haven’t gotten to the Dwarf level yet, but the evil halflings and melodramatic, effete elves have been cracking me up.

Has anyone seen similar games that critique the fantasy genres, MMOs, or WoW in particular?

On starting more than I fin…

Lately, I’ve noticed that I start a lot more stuff than I finish. Games and books, mostly; but also, like many bloggers, my blog.

In the case of games, I know why I do it: there’s just so much great new shit coming out, and with apps like Steam that let me try new stuff without even having to schlep to Video Game Headquarters in Moscow, I’m always ready to whip out the old credit card and download the next awesome thing.  Plus, sometimes games are too hard. I’m looking at you, Braid.

With books, I seem to have lost the patience to slog through stuff that doesn’t grab me. It used to be, if a book had a dull section, I’d just wade through it. When I was a kid, I almost never quit a book. Now I do it all the time.

The blog – well, there’s usually no energy for the blog. The Diss takes it all. I don’t really enjoy writing, usually, to tell you the truth. Sometimes The Muse hits me and I’ll jump out of bed to write something down. Big fan of the epiphanies. Most of the time, though, writing is a chore, a professional duty. I do not, as many professional writers profess, have to write. I’d rather read, ponder, talk. Annie does, though, I’ve noticed. Need to write. She voluntarily blogs several nights a week (although see if you can get her anonymous blog’s address out of her!).  Which is probably why she’s gotten two (awesome) personal essays published. I’m suddenly reminded of the plot of Funny Farm. Hmm.

The habit concerns me, because I see it kind of spreading. There are a few things in my life – like oh, say, my dissertation – that I must see all the way through. I’m old enough to know that that things that are hard are good for you. And yet I sometimes catch myself slouching my through my Daily Diss Writing, or my Self-Directed Professional Reading. Without immediate deadlines, and with disc golf and Overlord beckoning, it’s hard to stay on task, you know?

A probably mundane self-directed-work-motivation problem meets a probably mundane Information-Age-consumption-based-ADD problem. The results are… troubling. Anybody having this too?