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In case you didn’t see me at the Cs,

I’ve saved the script and slideshow from my presentation on this site. You can find links to the files on the Vita page.

My presentation’s title was “Working in the Metaverse and the Academy: Composing a Game Studies Dissertation Online.” It’s an inaccurate title (so it goes when you have to write a proposal almost a year in advance); the presentation was really about trying to write a “born-digital” dissertation and running into institutional roadblocks. Alex Reid has reviewed it on his blog, which you can see here.

A liveblog colloquium transcript

Last Friday, I held a colloquium on “Emerging Trends in the Digital Humanities” with Julie Meloni and Dr. Jason Farman. Here’s a liveblog transcript of it by Lauren Clark, a grad school friend of ours.

A fantasy in theory, part 2

Here’s what I meant by a visualization tool that will help me map networks: Thinkmap. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Now, if only the company who owns it will let me by it for somewhat less than the $5,000 they list on their website… [cross fingers]

Sometimes, irony is no fun

So I’m preparing a presentation for next week’s CCCC about the experience of writing a digital dissertation, and I just found out that the only AV equipment I’ll have is an overhead projector. Looking for solace in the friendly screens of Kairos, I ran across this:

A late entry in the ludology/narratology debate

Psychonauts: proof that gameplay isn’t the most important element of a videogame, as long as the narrative and visual design are brilliant. Don’t believe me? Watch the Zero Punctuation review, and then download the game from Steam (for $10 bucks!)